MediaScout bloggage

Sigh. Bloggage, in addition to my regular news briefings, over at MediaScout.

One from the 22nd:

10:45 pm EDT | Montreal | Drew Nelles reporting: A few interesting items have popped up in recent days for those who keep an eye on the workings of the American media. On Monday, the New York Times profiled, a blog with business bigwig Sam Zell – who bought out the Tribune Company last year – right in its crosshairs. According to the New York Times, is owned by a staffer – “for now at least” – at the Tribune’s flagship paper, the Los Angeles Times. Zell has announced a series of deeply unpopular changes at the Tribune Company’s papers, like job and budget cuts, that prompted an outcry from staffers and a rash of resignations. The anti-Zell rhetoric at the blog is delivered with a healthy dose of snark, and has even landed its own scoops; a post last week listed 100 people leaving the LA Times, both through buyouts or firings. Media moguls the world over, be warned: The blogosphere has given your journalists a whole new platform – one you have no control over.

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And another one on media misperceptions of Darfur, from the 15th:

6:55 pm EDT | Toronto | Drew Nelles reporting: Covering African conflicts is always a challenge for the Western media, who too often reduce vastly complex conflicts to tribal warfare – age-old, mindless, uncontrollable. Unfortunately, after the International Criminal Court’s indictment of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir for genocide, this trend appears slated to continue with Darfur. With the region back in the news, it seems an important time to take a closer look at the conflict’s origins.

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