So you’ve decided to give up on writing

Blogging, journalism’s younger and boring-er cousin, has never interested me. Even blogs that aren’t confessional-type online diaries hardly seem a step up from LiveJournal. They always have a strange odour of narcissism and desperation; just because you can blog doesnt mean you should.

I’m no Luddite, but I’m not convinced this medium is a step forward. Probably half the blogs I’ve come across routinely mangle the English language. I’m told blogging helps keep your writing sharp, which is part of the reason I started this thing, but that hasn’t held up in my experience. The few times I have blogged, for the McGill Daily and MediaScout, my own writing has disappointed me. That’s part and parcel, I guess, of trying to get something online as quickly as possible, without the benefit of a second pair of eyes.

So, as to why I’m doing this. At a student-journo conference a few months back, a panel on “Landing the job/internship” told us that blogging is a good thing to put on your resume. It shows the old newsroom dinosaurs, apparently, that you’re interested in “new media.” Resume-padding is soul-crushing, but I guess there are side benefits. At least this will provide a handy online archive for my (rarely) published work.

A friend of mine, who recently started her own blog, told me: “Blogging is emotionally taxing, I don’t recommend it. You spend your entire life wondering whether your blog is too rant-ey, or too granola-ey, or too colloquial, or not casual enough, and does anyone even fucking read the thing? etc.”



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