Self-Determination for Some


Self-Determination for Some
August 28, 2008
by Drew Nelles

It’s buried deep beneath coverage of the US Democratic National Convention and federal election speculation here in Canada, but an idea that’s been gaining steam over the past weeks keeps surfacing: the “new Cold War,” as the Times of London story printed in today’s Citizen calls it. Growing tensions between the West and Russia came to a head this month when Georgia and its mighty neighbour clashed over the breakaway Georgian republic of South Ossetia. Today, tempers… Read more »


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One response to “Self-Determination for Some

  1. Brian

    The 90% who voted for independence were from the Ossetian residents only. Ethnic Georgians weren’t allowed to vote, which is why the EU didn’t recognize the referedum.

    Also, it hasn’t been “de facto independent” since the 90s. It had a lot of civil autonomy (and not so much resources) and there was an official autonomy offer on the table from Georgia.

    Ethnic georgians are (actually “were”–they were recently ethnically cleansed, according to Russia) 20,000 of the 70,000 people, living in villages that had been ethnic Georgian for centuries.

    Georgia has a hothead president, yes. And the Ossetian case for separatism may have been just–if initiated democratically instead of by Russia funding Ossetian peasants to take potshots inside Georgia. But this is a very complex situation, and you should really learn more about it than to comment on it gliby, as a right-left football.

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