Status Quo for Quebec


Status Quo For Quebec
December 8, 2008
by Drew Nelles

Quebeckers vote today in an $83-million election, but journalists are probably the only ones who really care. This being the second provincial election in two years — hot on the heels of an American election that transfixed the world, a federal election distinguished by one of the lowest turnouts in Canadian history, and a political crisis that left all sides tarred — we couldn’t expect anything else. CBC News: Sunday Night suggests that Liberal Premier Jean Charest was counting on this election fatigue when he called a snap vote in a bid to regain his National Assembly majority, which tells you something about just how cynical our politicians are. La Presse’s Mario Roy makes the case against abstaining from voting… Read more »

And I forgot, from last week:

Taking Swipes at Sovereigntists
December 4, 2008
by Drew Nelles

During the current parliamentary staring contest, Prime Minister Stephen Harper “has bitterly attacked the Liberals and the ‘socialists,’” the Globe’s editors write, “but he has reserved particular scorn for the ‘separatists.’” So too have his adorers in the media, and today is little exception. “The first loyalty of Bloquistes is not to Canada, but to Quebec,” University of Toronto professor Michael Bliss writes in the Post. “This makes them different, and it has to make them suspect.” In the Globe, William Johnson, the former president of anglo lobby group Alliance Quebec, writes that a uniquely selfish “Quebec political syndrome … inspired the decision of… Read more »

And in case you didn’t hear:

MediaScout is Ending
December 8, 2008
by Staff

Dear reader, For the last four-and-a-half years, MediaScout has delighted and informed Canadians each weekday morning as we attempted to make sense – and some fun – of how the nation’s top media interpreted the previous day’s news. Unfortunately, Maisonneuve magazine can no longer support the cost of producing MediaScout on its own. Moreover, we have been unable to secure an alternative means of long-term, sustainable funding to continue MediaScout into 2009. MediaScout will therefore continue to publish until December 19, 2008, at which point it will go into an indefinite hiatus. We hope to restart publication in future if the funding can be found. However, there are currently no plans to continue efforts to pursue such funding. We… Read more »


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