Economic Engines Out of Gas

With MediaScout shutting down, here’s my last briefing ever:

Economic Engines Out of Gas
December 18, 2008
by Drew Nelles

Last week, the Star profiled York University economist Peter Victor, whose new book is called Managing Without Growth – Slower by Design, not Disaster. How prescient that the release of the book – which argues that humanity will inevitably face an age when environmental limits make rampant economic growth impossible – would coincide with the worst financial crisis in a generation. And today, the Big Seven focus on the virtual standstill of two major economic figureheads. The Toronto Stock Exchange shut down yesterday, the result of a technical glitch and not some market Armageddon, but in these times the symbolism is just too much. The financial crisis has meant a roller coaster on the TSX, North America’s third-largest stock exchange,… Read more »


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