This is what they call a “flame war,” right?

PJ Vogt, my erstwhile friend and colleague, has decided to devote his first, lonely blog post to something he labels “Drew Nelles bashing.” He decries as “reprehensible” the fact that I have not updated my weblog in a long while – and “that’s if you want to count re-posted MediaScout entries.”

Well, a full week and three days have passed since Vogt wrote that post, which remains the sole entry on his spare Blogspot (snicker) template. “Hypocrisy” does not do Vogt’s act justice. This negligence of his readership is merely a repeat betrayal; just last year, he left our scrappy student newspaper for more lucrative pastures. (During his fleeting tenure, I recall a certain proclivity towards inside jokes.) How the good people at This American Life can withstand his production-night flatulence and caffeine addiction, I will never understand.

Vogt will surely continue his meteoric rise up the industry ladder until he reaches his worthy namesake Pajamas Media – an organization most recently known as a vehicle for Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, whose own journalistic credentials rival those of Vogt’s. But will Vogt – who is my entire readership – abandon his own blog readers, once he attains such heights? If so…the ethics of such an action are questionable!



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