This is already getting stupid

PJ Vogt has challenged me to a “blog-off,” which sounded like some kind of hurling contest before I realized he just meant a weblogging competition. In a way, that’s even grosser – we’re duelling to see who can be more internet-addicted and unemployed. [Ed. note: Vogt will be unemployed starting tomorrow.] His rules:

-Each combatant must blog 1 (one) time per day, for the calendar week beginning this Saturday, January 17.*
-The first person to go 24 hours without a post, loses.
-Re-posted, re-hashed media analysis does not count.

I have a suspicion Vogt is only doing this to fill his time now that his sweet gig documenting upper-middle-class life is over. But I’m in the middle of Around the World in Eighty Days right now, and this Phileas Fogg dude travels the globe on a bet, so I figure I can probably handle observing “Gee, the National Post sure is conservative” for the next week. So to Vogt, I say this.

By the by, Vogt asserts that a blog is not “an appropriate place from which to lob ad hominem attacks” before tearing apart my own personal webspace as full of “[r]e-posted, re-hashed media analysis.” But I’ve come to expect as much from Vogt, who back in the day was often observed procrastinating on the internet in class defaming student politicians in my name. Anyway, since MediaScout is no more, I’ve got no more rehashed media analysis to re-post. But shouldn’t Vogt know that? Either he’s not the diligent reader of my work he claims to be, or he’s lying. Which is it, Vogt?



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5 responses to “This is already getting stupid

  1. “Either he’s not the diligent reader of my work he claims to be, or he’s lying. Which is it, Vogt?”


    …and welcome to the blogosphere. Consider yourself bookmarked.

  2. sarah

    “come on fuck a guy”?

  3. drewnelles

    “Come on, fuckin’ guy”

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