Good news for people who love good news

When this blog-off began, PJ was a recently-unemployed ex-intern and I was an underemployed web writer and magazine intern. Then, yesterday, PJ announced that he had landed a probationary radio gig. And today, I landed respectable quasi-employment at a magazine. How different we are from a week ago! I can’t go into detail now, but this must be said: if PJ and I are any indication, blog-offs indirectly lead to employment. Cautious optimism for all.

So ends my final blog-off post. I leave you with a confession: I still haven’t heard Merriweather Post Pavilion.



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7 responses to “Good news for people who love good news

  1. cmon man dont leave us hanging. what magazine?

  2. Congrats Drew

    Has Will’s blogwars blogging lead to further employment?

  3. PJ



  4. 1. modest mouse shout outz
    2. what magazine? and does this mean you’re ending your stint at maisonneuve early?
    3. i can zip up merriweather and send it to you, if you want. it’s amazing.

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  6. wvanderbilt

    Congratulations, Mr. Nelles on your blog off win and quasi-employ. I will share, however, that my own coverage of your petty blog war has left me woefully unemployed.

    See for the trophy.

  7. sarah

    oh wow you won!

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