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Cut From the Same Cloth

by Drew Nelles

I didn’t get to the National Magazine Awards afterparty at the Comrade until around 1 a.m., and I briefly stood in line for the men’s room, eavesdropping on Ian Brown, before deciding to leave.  It was a long trek back to my friend’s house in the Annex. As I walked along a certain stretch of Queen, alone and wearing a suit, a young woman with a crutch approached me.

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Bechard Interview

by Drew Nelles

If you’ve grown tired of reading self-referential fiction from lazy, apolitical authors, D.Y. Béchard understands. His 2005 debut novel Vandal Love walked the line between On the Road’s roaming spirit and One Hundred Years of Solitude’s generational mysticism, and in so doing established Béchard as one of the few young writers today willing to look beyond his own life for inspiration. Now, in our latest issue, Maisonneuve presents “Learning to Rage,” Béchard’s thoughtful anti-manifesto on making fiction relevant once more. Currently at work on a short story collection called The Opera of War and a novel called The Tower, Béchard spoke with Maisonneuve about cynicism, hatred, and other fun stuff.

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Singh Interview

by Drew Nelles

Sameer Singh probably knows more about belly dancing than any other journalist-filmmaker out there. In the latest issue of Maisonneuve, he attends an Egyptian belly dancing conference to learn why the country’s religious conservatives want to stamp the art form out. Plus, on Omni television this fall, you can catch his documentary about a longtime friend who happens to be one of Canada’s few male belly dancers. But, as we found out, once you’ve seen nine hundred or so writhing, half-naked bodies, you’ve seen ‘em all.

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