A most unexpected update

I have not been posting, but a writerly acquaintance recently told me he googled my name and came upon this thing. (Spell check recognizes neither “writerly” nor “googled.”) So an update is in order. I have been posting sporadic entries at Maisonneuve, though editing work has kept me busy. Please head over there for infrequent writings. This blog will stick around as an informal archive. Here’s what I’ve been writing:

Olivia: A Folk Opera (on a wonderful project that I now miss very much)

Pop Montreal: An Abbreviated Roundup (on the highs and lows of Pop Montreal)

Pop Montreal: Hear Tune-Yards Roar (an interview with the mighty Merrill Garbus of Tune-Yards)

Pop Montreal: Edge of the Island (an interview with Patrick Gregoire of the now-defunct Sister Suvi and James Irwin of My People Sleeping)

Pop Montreal: Maisy’s Picks (on what I predicted, rightly or wrongly, would be worthwhile at the festival)

The Sound of the Police in Montreal North (on the death of a young man and a community’s anger)

In other news, I finally made time to write my first piece of pulp-and-ink journalism in a long while. It is about vinyl, books, and aesthetics, and will appear in the Spring issue of Maisonneuve. In other other news, Kelly has been updating her blog with refreshing frequency, while PJ has made a triumphant comeback. Sarah started a blog, too. Joe has long promised a post detailing a delicious beer-and-cheese he hosted some months back. My breath is bated.


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