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Shock of the Old

From Maisonneuve:

Shock of the Old

By Drew Nelles

Every so often, usually after a paycheque arrives, I head to the nearby record store and sift through rows of vinyl. LPs are rarely significantly more expensive than CDs, and sometimes actually cost less—one local artist’s hand-assembled record was $12 to the CD’s $18. Buying the music on iTunes would be cheaper, but just about every new LP in the store carries a sticker that reads, “Free high-quality digital download included.” When I get home, I put the needle to the album. Then I go to the record company’s website, enter my download code, and the mp3 files appear on my desktop. I have both analog and digital—no need to choose.

Read the rest. Also, you should just go ahead and buy the issue. It’s pretty good.


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I am a bike expert

Two little pieces on bikes! From Best Health:

Are MEC’s new bikes worth the price?

Mountain Equipment Coop’s new line of bikes, made available across Canada this week, has been a long time coming. As a retailer of goods targeted towards both young, professional weekend warriors and the granola-crunching set, cycling seems like a natural fit for MEC. After all, the Vancouver-based non-profit has been selling bike accessories since 1978; why shouldn’t it make its own bicycles, too? MEC, however, is not just a retailer—it’s a sort of well-meaning behemoth, and its foray into cycling has drawn heat from the fiercely independent bike community.

Read the rest.

From Reader’s Digest:

How to Tune Up Your Bike

So your bike has been in the garage all winter and looks a little worse for the wear. No worries—you can give your bike a quick tune-up yourself.

Read the rest.

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