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Why read literature in the digital age?


I’ve got an essay, “Solitary Reading in an Age of Compulsory Sharing,” in a collection titled¬†The Edge of the Precipice: Why Read Literature in the Digital Age?, published by McGill-Queen’s University Press. The book has¬†famous people like Mark Kingwell and Alberto Manguel in it. And it’s my first time being anthologized.


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Body and Soul

Photograph by Tim Georgeson.

Photograph by Tim Georgeson.

Last summer, I participated in the Banff Centre’s Literary Journalism program, a month-long residency in which nine writers each work on a single long non-fiction essay. There, I wrote a piece about my lifelong best friend Dan Harvey, who became a quadriplegic following an athletic accident in high school. It’s undoubtedly the most personal and important thing I’ve ever written, and it was just published in the new issue of the Walrus. You can read it here.

You can also listen to this podcast, in which Dan and I talk about our friendship, the writing process, the different versions of the story (an early draft was 14,000 words; the Walrus version is 6,500), ableism, the sex lives of disabled people, etc.

And my band, DEBT, recorded an album. You can stream or download it for free here.


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