Selected Work


“There Goes the Neighbourhood”
Why coyotes are taking over our cities
The Walrus, July-August 2015

Why Tanya Tagaq sings
The Walrus, January-February 2015
Winner of a National Magazine Award 

Will the Sochi Paralympics propel disabled sport into the mainstream?
The Walrus, March 2014

“Solitary Reading in an Age of Compulsory Sharing”
The Edge of the Precipice: Why Read Literature in the Digital Age?, McGill-Queen’s University Press, September 2013

“Body and Soul”
Dan was the most physical person I knew. Then he broke his neck
The Walrus, September 2013
Nominated for a National Magazine Award and republished in Reader’s Digest

“Rise of the Robots”
The next generation of robots is poised to acquire the very thing that makes us human: our empathy
Reader’s Digest, February 2013
Cover story

“Wild Justice”
A bull burned at the stake, a swarm of locusts excommunicated—animal trials were once surprisingly common
Maisonneuve, Summer 2012
Nominated for a National Magazine Award


“Among the Pugs”
The strange intimacy of the Westminster Dog Show
The Awl, February 2016

“The Used Bookstore Will Be the Last One Standing”
At least in Ridgewood
The Awl, February 2016

“Four new books look at economic inequality”
The Globe and Mail, May 2015

“How to Feel About the End of the World”
Catastrophe, capitalism, and unlikely optimism in Ben Lerner’s 10:04 and Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything
Hazlitt, October 2014

“Naomi Klein makes the case: Global warming is the defining issue of our era”
The Globe and Mail, September 2014

“Ben Lerner’s 10:04: A novel that explores the tensions between reality and fiction”
The Globe and Mail, September 2014

“Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things: Disability in Game of Thrones”
Game of Thrones may just contain the most varied, often celebratory depictions of characters with disabilities in all of pop culture
Hazlitt, June 2014

“Let’s Talk About Love: How everybody suddenly became a critic”
The Globe and Mail, April 2014

“On Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Pop Montreal, and Selling Out”
BULLETT, October 2013

“Annalee Newitz’s outlook on extinction is positively optimistic”
The Globe and Mail, May 2013

“The Internet dilemma”
Do people have a right to be forgotten?
The Globe and Mail, May 2013

“Montreal Is Burning”
Arcade Fire’s meteoric rise changed a city and redefined a subculture
The Walrus, December 2011

“Shock of the Old”
The ongoing popularity of vinyl records proves that the best technologies stick around
Maisonneuve, Spring 2010


“No Victory for the Left”
No one should mistake Justin Trudeau for a true progressive
The Walrus, August 2015

“Doubting Thomas”
Does Mulcair’s NDP stand for anything?
The Walrus, August 2015

“Fragments on Quebec’s Charter of Values”
The Charter has summed up the fears, anxieties, and prejudices of a time and place
Hazlitt, September 2013

“What Future for Occupy Wall Street and the Quebec Student Protests?”
It’s time to start asking whether the competing motives of political parties and social movements can ever be reconciled
Hazlitt, August 2012

“On Quebec’s Student Strike”
Maisonneuve, online, April 2012

“Fresh Ingredients”
After the NDP’s Orange Wave, a rookie MP learns to cook
The Walrus, April 2012

“Luddites Weren’t Luddites, They Were the First Occupiers”
Why have we forgotten about those British labourers from the 19th century who stood up and asked for change?
The Toronto Standard, January 2012

“Occupy Montreal and the Lies Quebecers Tell Ourselves”
Maisonneuve, online, November 2011

“Why Occupy Wall Street has Already Succeeded”
Maisonneuve, online, October 2011

“Brushes With Jack”
In memory of New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton
Maisonneuve, online, August 2011


“When the Killer Whale Brought Evil to the Town of Paradise”
PRISM international, Spring 2014

“St. Urbain’s Horse’s Ass”
Joyland, May 2013

“The Off-Season”
Ribbon Pig, January 2013


Space Qveen
June 2015

Don’t Ruin This For Everyone
August 2013

Wind-Up People
All This Culture Is Killing Me
November 2012


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